Come imparare l'intelligenza emotiva in 3 passi.

How to learn emotional intelligence in 3 steps.


Emotional intelligence is perhaps the most useful type of intelligence of all. I'm not joking at all.

How many times did it happen at school that we envied classmates who were quick and quick in solving logical-mathematical problems. They seemed to be the real bosses, but I still hadn't understood what the truth was...

You are about to discover the 5 simple steps to follow to develop the most powerful and fundamental skill of all: emotional intelligence.

What is emotional intelligence

in short: it is the ability to notice one's emotions, to shape them like a clay vase and exploit them to one's advantage.

1st Step - Wake up!

The first step to developing superman emotional intelligence is to pay attention to your emotions.

Stop judging what is around you, start intelligently probing every single emotional nuance that arises within you as a result of an external event.

Let's take an example: your boss scolds you, well, thank your boss because he just gave you free emotional intelligence training.

After the reproach, immediately begin to look deeply into that emotion that is being released within you, what is it? Anger? Sadness? Fear? a combination of the first two? Or all 3?

It will be difficult at first, sure, but all the things that are worthwhile are difficult to achieve, otherwise everyone would do it, wouldn't they?

It is possible that some people find it easier to recognize their emotions than others. But DON'T fall into the "talent" trap. As the great boxer Mike Tyson said - "saying that talent exists is simply an excuse for not trying to improve".

2nd Step - Be like water!

Be as adaptable as water, image of hands grasping water

Water can flow, or it can destroy, said Bruce Lee.

That unpleasant emotion that is rising inside you can be used to your advantage.

You can let it destroy you, devour you from the inside, make you sleepless at night, or you can transform it, channel it towards your goal.

How to do? you have to work it on the hips!

What do I mean?

I mean you have to attack it with what I like to call - Positive Logic.

It's about looking at the emotion from the angle that's most advantageous to you. Returning to the example of the tyrant boss who scolded you:

you need to insert a forced thought like this: I'm glad the boss scolded me, because it gave me the opportunity to train emotional intelligence.

This is the art of pigeonholing an unpleasant event in the most pleasant way for you. Trust me, do it even when every thought that arises in you in that moment of stress is telling you to completely abandon yourself to the unpleasant emotion.

3rd Step - Don't judge! Observe

The temptation to judge others is always strong. It seems to be an innate characteristic of almost all human beings.

If you want to master emotional intelligence you must stop judging others and their actions or behaviors.

However, you must learn to observe and listen to those around you. Observe their faces when you talk to them, but not like you usually do, you have to start focusing on their micro-expressions.

These are very rapid, almost imperceptible expressions that reveal the real emotions of the person we are talking to.

When you look someone in the face you normally don't pay attention because you don't really intend to "understand" the other person deeply.

When you make this effort to "feel and perceive" a person's soul on a deeper level, you also begin to develop the ability to better recognize what is happening inside you.

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