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To my friends I'm simply Luca, but at work they know me as doctor. Leoni, a doctor who during his studies discovered that body and mind are not only intimately connected, but that they can be optimized, so as to enable him to perform extraordinary feats.

Passionate about neuroscience, I felt the need to find a way to effectively impact both the body and the mind.

Therefore I created a scientific team with the precise aim of formulating supplements for mental and physical performance, supported by scientific evidence.

Because all you need to achieve your goals is energy, focus and mental serenity.

How can you optimize your lifestyle?

On my social media profiles I disclose every week in a simple , friendly and direct way all the concepts, tricks and mysteries to dispel regarding mentality, nutrition and physical exercise.

For an " optimized " lifestyle!

You can also ask me questions in DM, I always answer!

  • Creativity

  • Memory

  • Reactivity

  • Power

  • Equilibrium

  • Calm

Body and Mind: New frontiers to explore

You are not body and mind, you are a single organism , which communicates, exchanges information, moves on the wave of precise signals, which determine both the quality of life and performance.

Feeling good, having the strength to face study and work with grit and determination, having emotional balance and mental clarity depends only on you. From how you treat your body and nourish your mind .

But there's more.

In moments of difficulty, know that it is possible to intervene on the mind and body , putting them in a position to release their maximum potential.

Our supplements are designed precisely for this: to support you in achieving physical and mental excellence .

Don't settle: be the best version of yourself .

Supplements and lifestyle.

LifeLion supplements are formulated with selected natural ingredients, capable of supporting your quest for psycho-physical well-being .

Indicated to boost energy , concentration and mental balance, they release all their beneficial effects when combined with a healthy lifestyle .

Don't forget to eat healthily, do physical activity and abandon all those bad habits that, over time, risk undermining your performance.

The body is a wonderful machine and even more so is your mind. Take care of their well-being.

And if they need help, entrust them to LifeLion supplements. They will thank you.

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