Natural, Scientific, for every need.

LifeLion supplements have been formulated to specifically respond to
needs of your mind :

you need to regain concentration , you want more energy or you want
reduce anxiety and stress ?

Choose the supplement that's right for you and take it as you want : ingest it with water,
chew it or let it melt in your mouth!

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Don't know which one is right for you?

Your mind is unique and to unleash its power, it needs the right ingredients.

Take the quiz and find out in just a few minutes which supplement meets your very personal needs.

  • Memory and Concentration

    These are essential for studying and working effectively
    functions can be undermined by tiredness and lack of mental clarity. Thanks to
    combination of 8 powerful and effective natural ingredients, Lion's Mind supports memory,
    concentration, reasoning and creativity.

  • Energy and Vitality

    There is no finish line without the energy needed to reach it.

    Vitality, strength
    and resistance are essential conditions to face demanding workloads, which
    they require motivation and determination. Lion's Power promotes responsiveness of mind and body,
    supporting energy levels for up to 6-8 hours after intake.

  • Calm and Tranquility

    Anxiety and stress are the enemies of all success. Intervening on neuromediators
    responsible for states of tension, the 8 ingredients of Lion's Calm help you develop inner calm and
    combat agitation effectively.

    Balancing stress hormones is critical to
    find your optimal psycho-physical balance.

Super Productivity Protocol

Thanks to research, our scientific team has created an integration protocol suitable for facing any period characterized by heavy commitment and intense work with determination and serenity:

  • University exams
  • Job interviews
  • Completed projects
  • Athletic training

Regain concentration, energy and mental balance thanks to LifeLion supplements.

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Expand your potential with Nootropics.

What are Nootropics? Behind this name hide particular substances designed to optimize mental performance , supporting synapses and neurotransmitters.

Think of synapses as bridges that allow information to be conveyed between different cells in the brain.

This is how we learn , process and remember .

For some time, scientific research has focused on specific natural ingredients , with the precise aim of strengthening and stimulating these bridges.

LifeLion supplements only use Nootropics supported by scientific evidence .

Your synapses will thank you.

Yes, that's right. Chosen by LifeLion's scientific team after long and rigorous studies, the ingredients in our supplements have been selected to support your mind in achieving your goals.

Fighting tiredness, stress and agitation is never a walk in the park.

But thanks to the right ingredients, together with healthy habits, it is possible to make your mind clear and efficient,

ready to face any situation.


Dr. Luca Leoni

⦿ Doctor-Surgeon

⦿ Master in Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology

⦿ Specializing in Occupational Medicine

⦿ Expert in Work-Related Stress

⦿ Expert in Nutraceuticals and Prevention

After graduating in Medicine I immediately entered the specialization course in Occupational Medicine to maximize my knowledge in the field of work-related stress. I have further strengthened my treatment skills through Masters and continuous refresher courses in the fields of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology and Nutraceuticals. I have created a line of supplements specifically for mind-body balance and mental and physical performance.

LifeLion Nootropic Supplements

Easy intake, rapid assimilation

Taking our natural supplements is very simple , especially because they meet every preference .

  • Do you want to swallow them?

    All you need is a small sip of water.

  • Do you prefer to chew them?

    You can do it, even when needed.

  • To assimilate quickly?

    Let them melt in your mouth.

  • In all 3 modes!

    For every situation.

  • ✔ Satisfied or refunded

    We are happy if you are happy. If you are not happy with the product simply email our customer service team ( for a full refund.