Practical video course to restore Intestinal-Brain well-being

Extract cognitive power and intestinal well-being from nutrition.


  • Intestinal discomfort

    • You often feel that your intestines are not in great shape and you would like to restore them
    • You often feel bloating, distention, or general intestinal discomfort
  • Slowed metabolism

    • You are struggling to lose weight and would like to get back in shape
    • Even if you eat little you still can't lose weight
  • Mental Fog

    • You have difficulty concentrating on work or study
    • You often wake up feeling tired and have constant drops in energy
    • You often feel a mental fog that compromises your clarity
  • Anxiety and Stress

    • You often feel anxious or agitated
    • Bowel symptoms don't make you feel comfortable around others
    • You often feel like a general malaise that prevents you from fully enjoying even the most beautiful moments.

What you will get from this course

  • Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

    You will find calm and serenity in every day.

  • Energy and Mental Clarity

    You will wake up feeling freshness and vitality in your body.

  • Intestine Wellbeing and Metabolism

    You'll optimize your body's ability to burn calories to feel good.

  • Improved Sleep

    You will rediscover restful sleep and significantly reduce night-time waking up.

  • Microbiota

    The Microbiota is the large mass of bacteria that populates the intestines of all of us, more than 60% of how you feel on a mental and intestinal level depends on it.

  • Macronutrients

    Macronutrients are carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and are the metabolic engine of the entire human machine. Managing them properly is the key to well-being.

  • Microdeficiencies

    Microdeficiencies represent all those nutrients that we do not consume optimally to guarantee our body maximum mental and physical performance.

“You will get an endless amount of tools and skills”

"You eat whatever you want, and you feel like God on a mental and intestinal level"

We will establish perfect communication between your microbiota and your brain: you will finally find intestinal and mental well-being.

We'll optimize macronutrients to give your metabolism a boost: you'll learn to burn calories like a furnace.

We will master the foundations of integration. We will use them to our advantage to maximize the efficiency of mind and body.

Dr. Luca Leoni

⦿ Doctor-Surgeon

⦿ Master in Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology

⦿ Specializing in Occupational Medicine

⦿ Expert in Work-Related Stress

⦿ Expert in Nutraceuticals and Prevention

After graduating in Medicine I immediately entered the specialization course in Occupational Medicine to maximize my knowledge in the field of work-related stress. I have further strengthened my treatment skills through Masters and continuous refresher courses in the fields of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology and Nutraceuticals. I have created a line of supplements specifically for mind-body balance and mental and physical performance.

Complete course program


  • Carbohydrates, tiredness and insulin resistance
  • Fats: effects on body and mind
  • Proteins and Neurotransmitters
  • Pre-workout nutrition
  • Optimal electrolyte balance
  • Super-productive eating day
  • The food trap: knowing it and dealing with it

The Microbiota

  • Gut-brain axis and psychobiotics
  • Dysbiosis, stress and inflammation
  • The 5 enemies of your microbiota
  • Rebalance the microbiota

Cognitive Integration

  • B vitamins: the brain guards
  • Vitamin D: the versatile ally
  • Zinc: the hidden deficiency
  • Citicoline: everything you need to know
  • Bacopa Monnieri: everything you need to know
  • L-Theanine: everything you need to know
  • Rhodiola Rosea: everything you need to know

Mind Maps

  • Mental map: the microbiota
  • Mental map: carbohydrates
  • Mental map: fats
  • Mental map: proteins
  • Mind map: cognitive integration


  • E-Book: Microbiota in balance
  • E-Book: Master Your Metabolism
  • E-Book: Complete Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

Frequent questions.

Is this a daily diet?

This is not a diet to follow.

The Cognitive Nutrition path is designed to directly offer the person the tools to adapt a nutritional lifestyle that favors the correct balance of microbiota, macronutrients and microdeficiencies.

Does it suit every person?

Absolutely yes.

This is possible because, once the course is finished, you will have all the tools and knowledge to adequately manage your specific needs, to promote a healthy mind and body 😊.

Will I have to change the way I eat or avoid foods I like?

Absolutely not!

Cognitive Nutrition allows you to tailor a complete diet for yourself to rebalance the Intestine-Brain connection, without giving up what you like or making overwhelming changes.

We will act strategically only on what really matters for the well-being of your mind and gut.

How can I watch the course?

After registering you will have lifetime access to the reserved area with all lessons immediately available.

You can follow the course from any device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

When there are future updates to the course, you will receive them for free as a customer.

How does the money back guarantee work?

Very simple: log in to the course and if within 30 days you discover that it isn't right for you, write to us and take advantage of the guarantee.

No tricks and no fine writing, write to us and we will refund the full amount, and friends as before.

Do you issue a certificate?

Yes, it is issued upon request at the end of the course.

Practical video course to restore Intestinal-Brain well-being

Extract cognitive power and intestinal well-being from nutrition.



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